Musafir, Who?

A Musafir is a traveller. That is how I see myself. I roam, I surf, I take detours. I leave traces, turn corners, make tracks. I am a travelling companion to myself and to the world. And I see this place as the record of journeys with all my selves, in and out of different worlds. I am not yet forty. I live in Delhi. I write and do a few things with images, sounds and objects. I sleep less than most people. I am left handed, and a practitioner of the left handed arts, and a student of the left handed sciences. I read anything I can lay my hands on. I read everything that gets written on walls, or printed on posters and stickers. I am a permanent paid up member of the public library of the street. I spin elaborate conspiracy theories, most of which I keep to myself. I watch people at airports, railway-stations, bus stops and markets.

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